8 Hour Course

      In our 8 hour course we cover the same topics as the 16 hour course but have a shortened the hands on portion. At the end of day 1 we will issue a written test and certifications. 

16 Hour Course

        In our 16 Hour Course our instructors will train your department on the following topics;

Day 1 Didactic

       Tactical Medicine, Tactical Evacuation of casualties, Transport Setup, Unified Command, and Small Team movement with Officer Cover. Implementation of the complete active shooter program; response to mitigation. Review of previous active shooter events. 

Day 2 Hands On

       Moving with police cover, Medical treatment of patients in tactical environment, Moving patients to casualty collection points, Extracting patients, Transport division establishment. At the end of day 2 we will issue a written test and we will perform a large scenario, then issue certifications.  


Fire and EMS Training

                    We in the Fire Service have truly became the jack of all trades. We have evolved from only responding to fires, to a service who provides; EMS, Technical Rescue, Water Rescue, Hazardous Materials Mitigation, Fire Prevention among numerous other specialties. All of these specialties have classes, certifications, written texts and ongoing training curriculum. The most recent addition to this list, is responding to the active shooter. Unfortunately training for the active shooter has been almost non existent and many that are training are creating programs based on the civilian EMS models.

The Fire Service has been tossed into this arena with almost no additional training and with the stakes being higher than ever. Unfortunately our success rate has shown our lack of coordination and training for responding to these events. This is the primary reason we formed ASSC. It is our number one goal to prepare Fire/EMS/ and Law Enforcement to respond to these emergencies and save as many lives as possible. At ASSC we believe that with the right training and coordination, Fire and EMS can make a safe entry into a "warm zone" with Law Enforcement. Then provide tactical medicine, extract patients and evac casualties with a safe and coordinated approach.

           So why does your department need ASSC?

As EMT's and Paramedics we have refined treating your everyday single or multiple gun shot wound victim to a science. Unfortunately this science does not have a place in a well orchestrated active shooter response. This is why ASSC is the best at what we do. We have taken our experience in combat medicine, tactical medicine, and street para medicine joined with the guidelines of the TCCC curriculum to develop the optimum operational guidelines for an active shooter or hostile incident. This combined with Law Enforcement integration, casualty extraction plans, and over all command and control plans is what we believe to be the GOLD STANDARD of response to an active shooter event.

             While some programs have good guide lines for treating these patients, they lack a complete solution to the problem. We have established a curriculum to treat, extract, and transport all casualties while never giving up our ability to stay safe. Our program addresses every major problem you will face in Active Shooter event. Our goal is to create a custom program that utilizes each departments size and capabilities while still utilizes the core principles of our program.

Please contact us for individual training programs and pricing.