Today's Patrol Officer and SWAT Officers are asked to do more every year with less training and limited budgets. ASSC can give your Officers the ability to save lives of fellow Officers, as well as the public you protect, and we can do it at an affordable cost. 

Web Based Training

 ​      ASSC is now offering web based training for Police Officers. This training series will be broken down into 10-12 minute videos that can be shown in pre-shift muster or at the start of each months training class. Over the course of 12 months your officers will receive the NTOA endorsed Tactical Combat Casualty Care Course for Law Enforcement First Responders. This broken down segmented approach allows for significantly higher student retention while at the same time does not require a significant time or cost commitment. Contact us about our grant program to receive a full free year for all your Officers! 

Hands on Training Courses

​For Patrol Officers

         Patrol Officers have the benefit of being first on scene of: officer down shootings, active shooter

events and even civilian related trauma. ASSC offers a one day "Self Aid/ Buddy Aid for the Patrol Officer" training. This training is based on the guidelines of Tactical Combat Casualty Care who is endorsed by the National Tactical Officers Association and the National Association of EMT's. We will teach every student how to assess and apply some basic medical interventions to prevent the majority of deaths caused by  gunshot wounds. Every Officer who attends this class will leave with the knowledge, skills and confidence to save his own life, a co-workers or a civilians life. 


SWAT Operators/ SWAT EMT's & Medics-

             As SWAT Operators we have one of the highest risk jobs in the country. SWAT Teams are known to have numerous means of preventing their Operators from being shot. We have heavy vests, bullet proof shields, diversionary devices, stunning devices, thousands of hours of training in tactics, and finally we always have fire superiority. However there is one area that SWAT teams consistently overlook; TACTICAL MEDICINE. SWAT teams spend significant time and money preventing its members from getting shot which is undoubtedly important, but are we planning for if they do?

         This is where ASSC can help. We offer two to five dayTEMS (tactical emergency medical services) Training. These classes are based off the NTOA STORM (specialized tactics for operational rescue and medicine) and the Tactical Combat Casualty Care Course. These curriculums are directly derived from the special forces medical platform.  ASSC will train every operator to perform the right medical interventions at the right time to save their own or a team mates life with out furthering the casualty number.  We will train all members in Casualty Extraction, Tourniquet Application, Hemorrhage Control, Airway Management, Thoracic Needle Decompression, Wound Packing, and the implementation of a TEMS program. 


Please email us with any questions and for pricing. All pricing based on custom programs and number of students. 











Self Aid/ Buddy Aid for the Patrol Officer, SWAT Operator or Medic