Private Sector Consulting

​​​Whether you are a large or small business, a hospital, or church, Active Shooter Solutions and Consulting (ASSC) has the experience  and flexibility to give you the custom training or consulting you need!

Businesses, Schools, and Churches take a very proactive stance when it comes to Fire and Fire Protection. They all are required to be compliant with OSHA Regulations around Fire Code and most of this entities have a comprehensive Fire Plan in place and conduct regularly scheduled fire drills. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said around active shooter training.  Less 10% of all Companies in North America with 25+ employees, have an Active Shooter plan or evacuation drills in place.  This is a scary statistic considering that in a recent study conducted by the FBI, 45.6% of active shooter incidents took place at a business and 24.4% of active shooter incidents took place in a school/church.  With the number of active shooter incidents at a all time high a comprehensive plan must be your number 1# priority if you are a business owner,  school administrator, or church leader.  It could mean the differences between life and death.

At ASSC, we take the hassle out of getting your organization prepared and certified.  With our experience and knowledge, we will ensure that your plan is customized and unique to your environment, but also compliant to industry standards. ASSC can do the following:

Come to your facility and audit your security system, security plans, and security staff

Train your employees what to do in an Active Shooter Situation

Liaison with your local law enforcement, fire, and ems to build you a custom contingency plan

Online interactive instruction and certifications

ASSC will Certify you as a Active Shooter Trained Facility​