Captain James O'neil

 Captain O'neil has been involved in Military and Domestic special operations for over 20 years. He began his career as  an  enlisted Marine Force Recon Corpsman. After 9 years with the Navy, he left the military to obtain his medical degree as a Physician Assistant from the University of Washington.  After completing school Captain O'neil became a full time PA and also served as a Commissioned Police Officer/ SWAT Operator and SWAT Medic. In 2012 James left SWAT to join the US Army where he serves as a Captain in various un-named places around the world.   

CEO Craigen Burns

​Craig Burns has a Bachelors in Communications from Eastern Washington University as well as over a decade of sales experience. Craig has managed numerous sales teams and worked with countries from around the world. He has specialized in corporate security solutions as well as corporate communication. 

Other Instructors

ASSC has a large pool of additional instructors that we utilize based on the need of the project. Several of these instructors have incredible resumes but can not be listed on this page due to the nature of their primary employment. 

Sergeant Steve Harpel

Instructor Harpel has been involved with EMS and Law Enforcement for a total of 16 years. Steve is an EMT Advanced  who maintains his skills in a very high volume city. You can usually find Steve in a patrol car or building the latest greatest long guns and custom pistols. 

Captain Mike Maier


Captain Maier has been involved in Fire and EMS for 15 years. He is a Professional Captain Paramedic at his metropolitan fire department.  Mike holds a Bachelors degree in Paramedicine from Central Washington University. He has been a lead trainer helping organizations from the Pacific Northwest to the Midwestern United States. 

Instructor Cadre

Owner/ Lead Instructor

Captain Ryan Scellick

Ryan has been involved in emergency services for 17 years including Fire and Law Enforcement. He is a Professional Captain/Paramedic and Training Officer of his home Fire Agency. Ryan was formerly a Commissioned Police Officer, SWAT Operator and SWAT Medic. Ryan has been involved in tactical medical training with agencies across the country including law enforcement, fire, and military special operations